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Hey there! Name's Anna, an illustrator from Barcelona. I also draw comics. Nice to meet you! :)


Guess who’s retaking the "The Hobbit Mug Project"? :D Say hi to Dwalin! As soon as I get home I’ll scan and finish it, as well as the other dwarves I have waiting in line :)

That was my first Dwalin ever. 

(wyrrm look look look :DDD)

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WIP of one of my favourite Sailor Moon’s characters… Sailor Jupiter! She’s such a badass. I love her <3 Still got some details to finish, I’ll post the final sketch later! #sailormoon #sailorjupiter #sketch #art #illustration #wip #workinprogress #cute #chibistyle #chibi

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i love reading Opposites Attract and looking at the great fan-art. but im DYINGLY curious to kno how Dis looks in this, theres hardly ne fan-art of her anywhere; which is so messed up. >:(

OA is flippin’ amazing. And aaah, anon! You’re right! I would love to draw OA!Dis but I’m afraid to mess her up. I should try it sometime (the other Durins deserve more love damnit).

Let’s see what I can do :)

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:DDDDD I’m glad you do!! 

He’s basically a big, loveable manchild who’s very very tall and wide as a damn bull. Or big-ass tree. He’s seriously big.

But yeah, you’re quite right about him!! He’s also a shaman and can do stuff that can make you wet your pants, even more if he’s deadly serious (then you should probably run for your life).

But he’s like a pup if you’re not in his bad books.

Did I mention he’s big?

(Also, my boyfriend is kind of responsible of Faol’s looks. The original image of my OC was something like that and then my boyfriend happened. BOOM REAL LIFE VERSION OF FAOL YEAH!)

Thank you darling! It seriously makes me so, so happy to see that people like my own OCs that I deeply love to bits. It makes me want to ramble about them for hours >///>

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Remember my OC from the last drawing I posted, the one with my dragon girl Ruby and that boy covered in furs? Well, here you have the final design of him :) It’s been months of various ideas and concept art for him but finally, he’s finished!

Say hello to Faol!

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umm, sorry i didnt reply right away. :( uhh, bout Fili's hair in OA; either one. his hair is just great to ogle at. :D

Hahahaha it’s ok! Sorry for the late reply too! :) and yeah, definitely I have to do more hair like that. And why not, more OA Fili (because of reasons you know).

Thanks lovely anon!!

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i love how u draw Fili's hair for Opposites Attract!!! perhaps more of that style in the future??

Oh my gosh, thank you! Fili’s hair is truly a wonderful thing to draw, all those beautiful golden locks… Aaaahhhh so pretty.

More of that style as in more OA fanart or just an AU of that kind or just a random OC? Either way, I want to draw more of that eve

Thank you anon!

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Coloured version of this drawing I posted 3 weeks ago :) 

My OCs Ru (girl) and Faol (boy), the dragon girl and the shaman boy (More or less). This is another concept art for them, I still have to add more details (mostly for Faol, like, tattoos and more stuff, he’s still a WIP).

I should keep writing the story… >_> I’ll give you guys more details if you are interested!

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Commission for the lovely liddie0 :)

It’s Fili and Kili from her fanfic Opposites Attract, a lovely modern!AU you MUST read yes or yes if you haven’t yet. You’ll die from cuteness and feels. Must. read.

It was so fun to do this commish! Thank you so much darling for it ^^ I hope you enjoy it :D

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Bilbo & Thorin with 12??


*deep breath*

I never quite manage to draw those two. I tried AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, THANK YOU FOR ASKING THEM <333

And now let’s go back to the commission and more requests. Gogogogogo

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Sketching my babies again, this time covered in furs :)

Still taking a break from everything (and getting mentally prepared to retake the nanowrimo challenge this month. It’s about these two dorks and more people I still have to show you guys).

Thank you again for your patience! :*

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Little teaser of the anti-stress/quick break drawing I’ve been doing back at my boyfriend’s house. Enjoy the WIP!! I still have to finish it and do some changes (like his face) and add details and some other stuff.

Say hello to my OCs having some fun! ;D

And sorry for the crap quality of the photos. Poor light sucks.

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Oh God I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I’m always complaining and whining and I seriously don’t know how you guys put up with me but I don’t know what’s wrong with me… I lost a lot of motivation to draw or just anything at all and I’m so sorry for the lack of art or me being so slow with everything. I try, I try so hard but then there’s “future me”. Where will I get a job? An “illustrator” job?

God, what a day, I just want to read books and stay all day in bed watching movies or some crap on TV.

(I hope these days I’m staying at my boyfriend’s help in any way, the mere though of holding a pencil makes me cringe )

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