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Hey there! Name's Anna, an illustrator from Barcelona. I also draw comics. Nice to meet you! :)


I got some new PS brushes and as a result I doodled this little thing, with my two OCs Ruby (Ru for friends) and Faol as the victims, to test them out.

I’m in love.

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"At my boyfriend’s" doodles :)

I was feeling kind of guilty because I couldn’t finish my Catalonia’s National Day drawing and I am not home to do so…

Anyways, doodle time!

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Hello guys! Here I am to bring you this new Society6 Promo! 

(Promotion expires September 14, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Rugs)

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Hello hello! Finally I decided to show you guys the webcomic I did as my Illustration degree Final Project. The theme given was literature and you could do whatever project you wanted with it.

I decided to do a comic and talk about the authors (with humor-filled responses, situations and reactions) instead of the books. 

It’s in Spanish only, sorry D:

I hope you like it, anyways!



¡Hola hola! Por fin me dedico a publicitar el webcomic que hice como Proyecto Final de ilustración.El tema de ese año era la literatura y básicamente podíamos hacer cualquier cosa relacionada con eso.

¿De qué trata? Es un webcomic de humor en donde se habla de los autores (ya muertos y famosos a través de los tiempos) y de sus “posibles” reacciones al leer y opinar, en su propio club de lectura, los best-sellers de hoy en día.

Espero que os guste :)

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Dwalin from The Hobbit giving some words of advice and wisdom to our dear Kili… *giggles*

I’m retaking my "The Hobbit Mug Project" and I bring you this badass dwarf warrior! Gotta love Dwalin, he’s simply awesome.

And pssst, FREE SHIPPING TODAY! (Purchase it here!)

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My hands are sweaty, it was a pain in the ass to hold my inking pens… I hate summer, autumn please come already. So yeah, have a half-assed drawing. Call it a selfie of sorts? Also, yay me for inking traditionally after months and using paper not made for that. Ouh yeah, self. #art #ink #inking #illustration #drawing #summer #summerproblems #girl

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Second time I saw Guardians Of The Galaxy… uuuhhh have a Starlord because of reasons \^0^/ (I swear it’s hard to find good references of his clothing, what the fuck I tried okay)

Also the movie wins x9000 points for the Awesome Mix Vol 1. My love for that kind of music is too big ahhhh <333 It’s perfect for drawing too!

Also, would you guys be interested in mugs and stuff from Guardians Of The Galaxy? I have a few ideas that I may sketch tomorrow… 

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Hello my darlings <3

I’m open for commissions! If you are interested do not doubt to send me a message to talk about it!


If you can’t, no worries! Just spread the message so it can reach to more people. 

Thank you so much!!

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Sorry for the crappy quality of these photos… still not at home! 

I finally finished the pencil lines of my Sailor Jupiter sketch I posted before. Now I only need to ink it and give it some colour. My Copic Markers are going to be quite happy.

Or my Wacom, digital art is awesome.

(Also, ignore those failed attempts at lightnings… My back was at the point of yelling stop drawing right now or so help me. >_> )

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Guess who’s retaking the "The Hobbit Mug Project"? :D Say hi to Dwalin! As soon as I get home I’ll scan and finish it, as well as the other dwarves I have waiting in line :)

That was my first Dwalin ever. 

(wyrrm look look look :DDD)

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WIP of one of my favourite Sailor Moon’s characters… Sailor Jupiter! She’s such a badass. I love her <3 Still got some details to finish, I’ll post the final sketch later! #sailormoon #sailorjupiter #sketch #art #illustration #wip #workinprogress #cute #chibistyle #chibi

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i love reading Opposites Attract and looking at the great fan-art. but im DYINGLY curious to kno how Dis looks in this, theres hardly ne fan-art of her anywhere; which is so messed up. >:(

OA is flippin’ amazing. And aaah, anon! You’re right! I would love to draw OA!Dis but I’m afraid to mess her up. I should try it sometime (the other Durins deserve more love damnit).

Let’s see what I can do :)

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:DDDDD I’m glad you do!! 

He’s basically a big, loveable manchild who’s very very tall and wide as a damn bull. Or big-ass tree. He’s seriously big.

But yeah, you’re quite right about him!! He’s also a shaman and can do stuff that can make you wet your pants, even more if he’s deadly serious (then you should probably run for your life).

But he’s like a pup if you’re not in his bad books.

Did I mention he’s big?

(Also, my boyfriend is kind of responsible of Faol’s looks. The original image of my OC was something like that and then my boyfriend happened. BOOM REAL LIFE VERSION OF FAOL YEAH!)

Thank you darling! It seriously makes me so, so happy to see that people like my own OCs that I deeply love to bits. It makes me want to ramble about them for hours >///>

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Remember my OC from the last drawing I posted, the one with my dragon girl Ruby and that boy covered in furs? Well, here you have the final design of him :) It’s been months of various ideas and concept art for him but finally, he’s finished!

Say hello to Faol!

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